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The one that a certain person's frank alive externals were finished up in (?) one novel while exchanging the fiction to walk with and Sansui Electric, and to have made one history.
Please enjoy the half one man's life with one big enterprise. (The characters names are all fictitious. )

Novel Sansui Electric

Sansui Electric that doesn't know every ≪ ・・・ ≫

No.1 - new employee-

From 1965 whether distinguished family Sansui Electric is the 50th new year as for good age extolled with the Ordao big three etc.

Asaoka..mysterious..pretty face..cathode-ray tube..dance..commercial..now..remember..person..aged..region..approach.

It was Takehiko's Maeta chairperson, the superman nature music program "Hit studio of the night" of Fuji TV that marked an overwhelming high audience rating was a program from 10:00PM during one hour, and Sansi was the main sponsor in the season. The stereo set was furniture that young people wanted most, state-of-the-art electronics that competed for the status according to the grade, and in the age, typical culture. It was in the spring of 1970 just recently for Hiroshihit Kamijo to go to Tokyo from the provinces, to graduate from distinguished family Watashidai, and to join Sansui Electric.

The consumer electronic industry of Japan had not arrived at a large break yet, and the U.S. military special procurements just started, and the consumer electronic and the music reproduction industry that had been especially called Ordao just attached to the cord of developing initial.

The half Hiroshihit that ran away at a blistering speed's life was a history of the fight and the compromise that symbolized one age as for the wax and wane decline of one enterprise though the flow in the age was easy it.

The founder owner president and Kosaku Kikuchi of Sansui Electric : alone about the founder who represents the age such as Masaru Ibuka, Akio Morita of Sony at that time, and pioneer's pine desire and trios' xx that is one of the heroes who brought up the landscape to the Tokyo Stock Exchance 1st section listed company in one generation from Niigata Prefecture Sado. The tuner and Sansi developed the business as a division of labor expert named the transformer the speaker and the trio an original integrated appliance maker and ..Sony.. pioneer, and Sansi built the foundation called the landscape of the amplifier.

The factory established one after another, and opened three factories from Tokyo in an equal distance with Shizuoka, Nagano, and Sukagawa based on this factory in Saitama.
At that time, at the time of having decided the location by the judgment that be able to survive either even if be the disaster such as earthquakes the judgment of Kikuchi was splendid the discernment of the foresight and be a corporate defense though having been talked afterwards at the present period.

Hiroshihit touched Kikuchi only several times meanwhile though Kikuchi was lost in several years after it had joined a company of Hiroshihit, and there was too a difference at the level in the new employee and the president.

The foresight of Kikuchi appears in each place.

The Shizuoka training center was the one. Huge equipment in a size of a company being able to accommodate staying in the private room and at that time ..falling behind.. the training life for several months of 130 possession ..exception.. people of the scale and the functionality the Tokyo Stock Exchance 2nd section listed company at that time.

The talent development promotion is the most important ..Kikuchi.. ..".. strategy for the business growth in the future. It was said "and turned on the budget of several hundred million yen.

The starting salary of Hiroshihit is an age of 33,000 yen.

The learning center completed in April, '45. It was not in time when joining a company in April and, to our regret, the new employee waited at home for one month.
The throat Japanese syllabary age.
At this time, the training section was born in General Affairs Department as well as the personnel division.
The founder section chief was Miyamoto, and the training charge was Kobayashi (active Administrative Manager to the back by the union measures).
Hiroshihit was Kobayashi and a Shizuoka training center for the first time. It did not attach for 20 years with the impression of big brother amount afterwards and ..parting.. relation continued.

Kobayashi indifferently digested the business, and Miyamoto invited him in a high-handed manner though Miyamoto and Kobayashi were the character disagreements with which great physical strength and softness conflicted. It is interesting because this position relation is reversed back, and doesn't have no way of finding at that time.

General Affairs Department that generalized the personnel division and the training section and the director were Toshima that became the following domestic business headquarters and a general manager.

It started in top business of Administrative Manager later for years how many.
Personnel Department and General Affairs Department have a sense of existence different from the other companies from recent in the Sansi electricity.
It will become an integrated headquarters of the in-house plot war years how many.

No one has understood a lot of stalwarts who become a ferocious, resolute soldiers of the union had been diverted at that time several years later in the new employee of joining a company for these 45 years.
To tell the truth, the symptom of the trouble began to appear though everyone finished training usually, and ordinarily and it faced each assignment.

100 new employees or more entered about 1000 employees' new companies.
The influence power grows up hugely back.
The destiny of the company was just like their grasps.
The soldier who had hidden by him/herself gained power slowly gradually.

Hiroshihit did not hope for Engineering Department when joining a company, and seemed to be unattractive at the university though majored in technical.
Actually, the technology of and Sansi did not have the depth afterwards in the reputation at that time.
On the other hand, the overseas deployment was especially ahead of the time to Marketang. It came to be listed in the tenth place domestically of the foreign currency acquisition enterprise.

Hiroshihit did not hesitate, overseas Sales Department was hoped for, and it was assigned.

>>> No.2 -From establishment to the leap-
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